1. Ghosts

From the recording People Mountain People Sea

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Colour in the lines provided
Reward yourself for jobs well done
Then at night entombed by different shades of white
Someday we’ll be ghosts again

Take some time for self-reflection
Breathe the air they breath for you
Hold your breath, walk a few steps out and exhale
Some day we’ll be ghosts again

Seems like your tumblin’ from brick walls again
Now you lay broken and all the king’s horse men
Have locked themselves in a small glass room
To stop the temptation of fixing the wounds

Sometimes you need to bleed out uncomfortably
Bathe in your own filth and breath in uncertainty
Take a few days on the cobblestone to remember the days broken and alone

You’ve robbed your bliss and killed for diamonds
Bound your limbs and fed regrets
Drank your youth and pissed out all your aspirations
Then realised someday we’ll be ghosts again

Someday we’ll be ghosts again
One day we’ll slip into the calm black true

Come home with the cigarette stink on
Malt breath and a pierce in your eardrum
Guiding you back to the straight lines of a lie
Fine-tuned to the rhythm that was made for you
Dirty habits and cause will divide us too
We were born, we will die in the calm black true

One day we’ll slip into the calm black true
Someday we’ll be ghosts again