1. Fire

From the recording People Mountain People Sea

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Darling darling baby, won’t you come and look outside
Zues is an expressionist, no sunshine in his sky
Oh tonight, he paints his canvas so relentless in reply
Oh my, Cue the hue and cry
Storm with no eye

Mothers, brothers, fathers, sisters race to ring that bell
No more dime sales, lemonade flames occupy this hell
Do tell, a tale of seven years of occupation
Hell on earth, Damian’s administration
Fat lady’s singing "You’ve all failed"

It’s time
Time for Armageddon, Mother Nature’s sick and tired
A prelude, she screams Genesis, now come on set the world on fire
Set the world on fire

They say a trumpet gasps its dying breath to those who’ve heard
But brass section lacks presence, just the choir screams tunes absurd
Flurried herd, hurries divine juries, searching for forgotten pages
Sunday servants, late bloom stages, photo finish, rat race rages on

On fire
On fire