1. Take it Away

From the recording People Mountain People Sea

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Big Brother, playing Nintendo all day
Well he’s on the second level for a long time and little brother wants to play
Headlock, brother love, couple noogies push and shove, big brother gets his way
Until mother gets tough, she breaks it up you know she’s going to take it all away
She says “You two knock that out!”

She said, "I’ll take it away
I’ll take it away"
She takes it away

We’re out of powdered milk, it’s time to hit the grocery store
It’s my turn for shotgun so I reach for the passenger door
Big sister, you know she’s thinking, cooking up the same idea
Chasing around the car, trip and fall now mother’s backing out aggressively
“You two can walk there, I don’t care”

"I’ll take it away"
She takes it away
"I’ll take it away"
She takes it away

Don’t you start whining boy!