1. Nowhere Bound

From the recording People Mountain People Sea

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My thumb’s out on this old highway
And I’ve quit the grind and now it’s time to do things my way
Rocco asked me “Where you goin’ son?”
Well, I’m nowhere bound but this colourful town has convinced me to stay

Candy a’int your real name
She’s been dancing since her single digits
Mom encouraged her cause she fidgets
Wants a Shirley Temple kind of fame

Now the people in the street want to move their tired feet to the psychedelic sounds of the night
Welterweight fatigue against a heavy-hitting beat, music always wins the Friday night fight

That’s when life was oh sweet to me

It’s been 9 whole hours on the open road
It’s been too long since concrete contacted my toes
Well I’m going to see my baby, she’s in Van-city
Waiting for her man to show her these open roads
And in the back of the van of the fruit-stand man
We searched for boysenberries, highway 99 was scary
We were poets without pens

That’s when life was oh sweet to me
That’s when life was oh sweet to me