1. Words

From the recording People Mountain People Sea

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These words for you are all I have
Chicken scratch written on a matchbook pad
I’m a helpless man when I look at you
So I’ll hide behind the words that I wrote for you
Cower behind my words for you
What is a man supposed to do
When he’s shell-shocked looking at a girl like you
Looking for peace in times of war
Got a belly full of bullets and I’ll ask for more
Belly so full but I’m looking for more

If this ain't right, I wanna be wrong tonight
Find some peace in a city with no light
But they’re just words
Ramblings of the mad
I’m afraid these words are the best we’ll ever have

Just you, I and the sky
Let’s swim laps till we’re tired
Then float around
And listen to the sounds
And I don’t know
Where do you wanna go?
I wasn’t born a leader of men either
Look at them down there they’re so much
Smaller from this angle all the way up here... all the way up here