1. Trees, Fields

From the recording People Mountain People Sea

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Baby when the sun comes, I’ll be good and gone
Heading to the tundra, I’ll be chasing sun
Green and auburn quilts and yellow painted planes
They say this is my home, but things don’t look the same

Who are these faces that I see
It’s children’s children building families

Wandering round the streets of fallen soldiers’ fame
Knocking on the moon but she forgot my name
Stumble to your backyard, stone upon the pane
Dream of sweetheart days lost, shutters still remain

Who are these faces that I see
They’re sweethearts’ sweethearts building families

The trees don’t know that I’ve been a wanderin’
The fields don’t know I’m home
My father seems to have lost a bit of something
My mother eats alone

What is home

I’m growing restless, guess this town was just not built for me
So I’ll hit the road and point my toes toward the southern sea
I’ll drink your ways and stay for days in your home town
But now my feet are itching, hitching to another city