1. Run

From the recording People Mountain People Sea

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Bobby takes the 202 to east or west whichever’s best
Or at least the way that’s easier to escape or break the pounding in his chest
He’ll bring supplies for weeks of clean dry socks and protein treats
And things to keep him on his feet, he’s quit but won’t admit defeat
For he will walk these endless steps until his soles burn nothing left
There’s size 10 shrapnel in the street
He’ll run the skin right off his feet
Eyes focused on descending lines
Of yellow guides and perfect pines ahead

And he’ll run
And he’ll run, run, run
Run away to get away from it
Blood pumping runs help him forget
And he’ll run
He’ll run run, run
Run for miles and miles on the open road
With no particular place to go

The passers by they look at him
His focused eyes, there’s something in
They surely will not understand the pathless flight of broken men
But in his mind he has direction
He’ll stop when he can breath this air again
Til then...

Now take a break down by the lake to rest your weary bones
Find a piece of arable land that you can call your own
Plant some seeds and tend to them wait and watch them grow
Harvest, eat, n’ play and sleep fight the winter then repeat